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Success Story

Case 4: Rajkot Based Petrol Pumps

Author: ITD Date:12-06-2017 17:03 PM

Analysis of cash deposits data during demonetisation period revealed that there were more than 110 petrol pumps under Rajkot charge which had deposited cash of Rs 190 crore during demonetisation. On an average, it was found that one-fifth is the excess cash deposited in the pumps over and above the sales made in the corresponding period.

Demonetisation data was compared with average monthly sale of last year. The bank statements were also gone through for further analysis like periodicity and magnitude of cash receipts and payments. Cases, where deviations were observed beyond 25%, were selected for survey, as the government had allowed petrol pumps to accept SBN notes against sale during demonetisation. The exercise led to detection of discrepancies of more than Rs. 10 crore in 9 surveys.