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Case 16: Dimapur Case

Author: ITD Date:12-06-2017 17:08 PM

Information regarding transport of large quantity of cash in a private plane to Dimapur airport was received by the department. The cash was dropped at Dimapur and the parties flew back by the aircraft to Delhi, where they were intercepted by the Air Intelligence Unit, Delhi. During subsequent questioning, the person belonging to Nagaland stated on oath that after the announcement of demonetisation on 08.11.2016, he had an arrangement with his friend to transport cash from Delhi to Dimapur. The understanding reached was that he would receive the cash in Dimapur, deposit the same in his bank account in Dimapur and return it via RTGS or in cash at a later date. The beneficiary, in this case, has admitted that Rs. 8.5 crore was transported from Hisar to Dimapur on two occasions. He has admitted it to be his undisclosed income." "